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The Golden Quill Family Storyteller Award

Congratulations to Dan Owl Greenwood!

We are thrilled to announce that Dan Owl Greenwood has been bestowed with the prestigious Golden Quill Family Storyteller Award, an accolade recognizing the most imaginative and heartwarming contributions to family storytelling. This whimsical award, often referred to as the "Oscar of the Family Bookshelf," honors those authors who have mastered the art of weaving tales that captivate hearts, spark laughter, and bring families closer together around the glow of a bedtime lamp.


Dan Owl Greenwood, with his enchanting narratives and unforgettable characters, has not only captured the imaginations of young readers across the globe but has also become a beloved name in households everywhere. His magical tales, filled with adventure, humor, and lessons of kindness and bravery, embody the spirit of family storytelling at its finest.

As the latest recipient of the Golden Quill Family Storyteller Award, Dan joins the ranks of those rare individuals who can turn a simple storytime into an expedition into the realms of wonder and excitement. His books are more than just stories; they are bridges between generations, fostering a love for reading and a treasure trove of shared memories.


Please join us in celebrating Dan Owl Greenwood's remarkable achievement, as we look forward to more magical journeys through his upcoming works. Here's to stories that light up our imaginations and to the storytellers who create them!

This playful accolade celebrates the joy and connection that family-oriented authors like Dan Owl Greenwood bring into our lives, reminding us of the power of stories to unite and inspire.

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